Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just another ordinary day

Tiphanie is away back to sea again.  I rang her on her mobile and she was just about to climb the ladder onto her ship.  This time she is on a sureme ship which is catching Blue Whiting and Hoke,  It is a Japanese vessel.
I have spent the day painting in the bedroom again.  At last it is coming to an end.  Also minced 6 lb of  beef and prepared it for making sausage rolls for lamb marking.  It is great having my mother out, she is a great help.
Christopher finished repairing the dinghy.  Also drilled two post holes to fix the pens ready for drafting next week.  The post holes have to be drilled because the posts are  going into solid rock.  A lot of the problems with the fences are because the posts are not in deep enough.
In the afternoon he gathered and brought in the sheep from the top of  Twin Ponds.  It has a mixture of sheep,  cull ewes  for dogs meat, and hogs (last years lambs) that didn't make the grade for the abattoir last season.  The hogs will now stay in for shearing next week and some of the cull ewes will be slaughtered for dogs meat.


  1. I had to look up lamb marking. Now I do not know what sausage rolls have to do with it.

    I found lamb marking on Youtube

  2. Thats funny. Sausage rolls are just for part of our snack. We will start at 5am in the morning and will not get home until about 7pm in the evening. There will be at least 13 of us to feed so I am trying to get prepared. On the first day we will gather two different camps and mark in the region of 1,200 lambs. The second day we will gather one camp and mark in the region of 550 - 600 lambs. Very busy weekend as we only have the helpers from Stanley for the weekend. We will collect them from the mainland on Friday night and drop them back Sunday afternoon.

  3. I had a look at the you tube clip. It is similar we use rubber rings on the balls. We then tag left ear for a ewe, right ear for a ram. Then cut the tails with a hot knife. We also draft the ewes off from the lambs because it is easier for the lifters. If you leave them in you keep getting pushed around by them. I guess it all comes down to numbers. If we were only doing a few we probably wouldnt bother but when its hundreds and hundreds it makes it a little easier.