Sunday, November 27, 2011


I think I have been rumbled. The boots have not been specifically mentioned but comments made yesterday would suggest I have.  I'm keeping quiet though in case I'm wrong.  He never looks at my blog.  I think its your fault Philip!!!  I was telling him about the links to the sheep/pig etc that  you put on and I think he has followed them back.  He would never have bothered looking  otherwise.  Well he had to find out sooner or later.
Yesterday we went clamming.  The tide was too high for me and I could only get half the distance out to them. 
Well we are busy getting ready for the Bremen arriving on the 3rd.  She has a capacity of 184 passengers but it is unlikely she will be full.  Mum and I have been cake and biscuit cooking.
We also have two contractors from MPA here.  Christopher got to know Simon an electrician and invited him out for the weekend.  He also has his friend Neil here.  Simon is into photography and they have been out all weekend taking photos.
I have weeded the garden since we arrived down here, it is very slow and there is still not a great deal up.
The lawn is mowed and strimmed ready for the tourists.  I have also trimmed the fuchsia trees in the porch.
Christopher with fresh clams

Simon feeding my pet lambs (the large lamb is called Prawn Cocktail, it is weaned now but likes Prawn Cocktail crisps as a treat).

Christopher clamming
Christopher is tidying up the green and getting the settlement area tidy.  It is pretty good despite his inability to put anything away after he has used it.
Going back to my new 350cc, 4 wheeler.  I thought I would tell you about my first bike and my exploits with it.  I brought my first bike when I was 18, it was a brand spanking new blue 125 Suzuki. I loved it. It was a bit high for me, it wasn't one of those squat road bikes.  I wasn't really very confident on it and I only had a provisional licence. I didn't ride it that much.  At the time Christopher's parents were working at Johnson Harbour on east Falklands.  Christopher had a Yamaha 550 and most weekends after work we would go out to his parents for the weekend.  In those days there were no roads, so it was all off road driving.  It was a long way several hours riding and that was at a good pace.   I would ride pillion.   Anyway I pestered and pestered to take my own bike. Each weekend it was the same, no.  In the end he gave in and of we set, him on his 550 Yamaha me on my lovely too big 125.  Going out was pretty good, I was fresh I guess and we were having a good trip.  I knew the track quite well from being on behind Christopher and we got to this piece of track that I knew was flat and a really good run.  I decided I would try and race him.  I roared up along side him, well as much as a 125 will roar, beeping my hooter, laughing at him and not looking where I was going and the next thing, without even time to think about it me and the bike were arse up in the grass.  It all happened so fast. I guess I hit a rut.  Luckily me or the bike were not damaged.  That was fine, the rest of the trip was good.  Sunday arrived and it was time to go back.  It wasn't the nicest day.  The track from Johnson Harbour passed through Port Louis settlement and went along the back of Green Patch settlement then continued on down to Long Island farm.  Long Island farm also contains Long Island mountain.  From the Stanley side the climb was quite gradual and hadn't presented any problems, from the Johnson Harbour side it was a lot steeper.  My arms were pretty tired from the trip out and my clutch hand was really stiff and I was having trouble taking off properly.  It was getting to the point of starting off with a gradual release then letting it go and taking off with a jerk.  I cant remember all the details exactly now but I remember that I was at the point of wanting to leave my bike but Christopher would not let me.  We were sitting at the bottom of a steep incline, it wasn't very long but it was pretty daunting from where I was sitting.  I knew I would have to use a decent amount of oomph to get up it.  I'm not sure what happened but suddenly everything was out of control and I arrived at the top on my back wheel,  luckily it landed back on the ground and I didn't come over backwards but I had absolutely no control and proceeded to do a semi circle on the top and found myself heading back down the mountain towards a fence.  I stayed on but I was totally knackered by the time we got to the top but still he wouldn't let me leave it.  By the time I got to the end of the two sisters road which is just outside Stanley I was exhausted, I had long since given up trying to let the clutch out properly and just prepared myself for the jerk.  I didn't ask to take it again and I still can't ride really well.

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