Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An afternoon of chat on facebook

Well not a very productive afternoon for me.  Spent at least an hour on face book chat to my sister Susan in Yorkshire.  Hadn't chatted for ages so lots to catch up on. 
Shearers now not arriving until Thursday so a bit of spare time.  Turned the George Island ewes out into the ram paddock for the day as the gorse paddock doesn't have any water.
Put gathering Barren Island off until tomorrow.
Rang Gina at West Store electrical to buy a new electric kettle.  Gina kindly went through the 6 or 8 different ones they had and I chose what sounded like a nice 3 kw stainless steel one.  3 kw did sound quite heavy power wise so decided to mention it to Christopher. This only confirmed the niggling little thought that was going through my head that it was too high a kilowatt for the turbine.  The outcome being that I had to ring back and get a 2.2 kw but alas there was no choice to be had. 

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