Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its true the mooring is to close to the beach at Barren!!!

Hi-ab finished.  Concordia Bay on its way to pick up bales.  Found out today that Concordia Bay can only take between 40 and 43 of the 50 bales of wool waiting to go to Stanley.  This is a right pain because the wool has to be cored when it gets to Stanley.  For this we need to have all  our fleece lines in so that we can have them lotted into their own lines.  We have decided that if they they can take 43 bales we will get all the fleece lines in but that will leave oddments of bellies, necks etc.  To do this however means all the bales will have to be unloaded out of the shed.   The oddment bales will then have to be sorted out and then put back in the shed.  The shed is full two tiers high so we can't just shift them around.  The bales are all weighting between 160 to 200 kilos so not ideal.
To get all the fleece lines ready to go Christopher had to go over to Barren and collect the seven bales from there.  He took them out in loads of two and three to Theo.  Let go from the buoy, put it in gear and nothing happened.   He then realised with the low tide and 1,000 kilos plus of wool he was sitting firmly on the bottom.  Luckily Theo was a scallop dredger and she has a big prop and plenty of power. With full power on she was able to push herself of the bottom.  Glad I wasn't there though.   The mooring definately needs resetting.

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