Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last shearing of the season

Very busy couple of days.  Christopher got home from his 3rd gather at 5:15pm on Sunday evening.  Monday was spent drafting the lambs of from the ewes.  Took the lambs out to their camp. Just over a thousand will over winter there and the remainder will go to the abattoir in March.  Managed to get ready to pick the shearers up on Monday night instead of Tuesday night.  Christopher left here at 8pm to pick the shearers up and arrived back just before 10pm.
Today was spent in the shearing shed.  Finished the first flock of 555 but shore an extra 15 minutes to do it.  Tomorrow we have approx 560 so will probably have to shear a bit extra again.  Then thats it for shearing for this season.
Shaun climbing in the sand dunes on Speedwell Island
I spent the day rolling and classing wool, Christopher spent the day filling pens and pressing.

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