Friday, February 18, 2011

Wool away and getting ready to move

The day started early for Christopher at 4:30am with 44 bales of wool to be taken out of the bale shed and rolled  down to the jetty.  Its not even light!!!!!  They then have to be pushed up a small ramp onto a trolley to be taken down the jetty three at a time.  Heavy work.  I woke up to the sound of Christopher shouting through the back door at 6:00 am you up Lindsey.  I rushed out of bed, grabbed the paperwork and went down to the bale shed.  Thought I was in trouble actually but he just wanted me to sort the paperwork out because we hadn't been able to get it ready in advance because we didn't know how many bales the boat was going to take.  Sorted out the paperwork and then helped roll the remaining dozen or so bales down to the head of the jetty.  Must be getting weak as had a job to get the heavier bales rolled over the first time.  Once you get them going it is quite easy to keep them going but getting a 160 kilo bale moving from stationary takes a good bit of effort.  The Concordia Bay had her first sea truck at the jetty at 6:15 and all 44 bales were loaded by 8:00.  Unfortunately we have been left with 6 bales which will now have to be moved at a later date but they were not important bales so that's not so bad. The sea trucks used to carry up to 18 bales at a time but in the last couple of years the MCA has started enforcing their regulations and they can now only carry 6 at a time.
We got 600 litres of diesel on the Concordia Bay which will all go into Theo in the morning.  They say keeping a boat is like pouring money down the drain.
The rest of the day has been spent getting ready to go to Speedwell in the morning.  We only have one set of a lot of our farm stuff so things like, portable pens, weighing scales and all Christopher's tools for mechanic work have to be put on the boat.  He also takes his motorbike back and forward with him even though we have several.
George Island house, the sheep wearing the coats were part of a trial.
I also finished all my bookwork and printed of any papers I needed because I don't have a printer at Speedwell.  Re-billed some of the semen straws that are coming from Australia because we also purchased some on behalf of other people.  Wrote letters to the few people that haven't paid for their Xmas lambs that we killed on farm and supplied to Stanley.  We sold 120 this year and I have about 6 bills outstanding.  This is pretty good and I know all the money will come in, some are just a bit slow.  Made up a store list for when we next go to Stanley and had an extra good tidy up because I hate coming back and finding it untidy. 
Christopher hasn't had a day off for what seems like months but in another week things should start to ease up.  Hopefully we will then do a run into Stanley for a few days.

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