Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sheep to Barren Island and hooray last years accounts finished

Christopher gathered in the ewes of the back of George again today.  We drafted of the required amount of each age to balance the flock on Barren.  Christopher then drove them down the jetty and onto Theo.  In the first load he took 80 ewes across.  We use portable pens on the boat so that we can carry sheep on her.  He then unloaded them 15 at a time into the old blue dingy and towed them ashore with the new dingy. He didn't want any help, probably more like he knows I don't like going on the boat when he has sheep on board.  Loading on to Theo is easy, we have a gangway they go down but unloading them onto the dingy is hard, heavy work as they are not inclined to jump down into.  Hence the bad back he now has after giving them all a helping hand.  Super days work though now means the work on Barren is finished for the season other then taken the small lambs back of again at the end of March.
The listed house on Barren Island (so quaint but in need of tender loving care)
I spent the afternoon finalizing the farm accounts for last year.  This definitely has to be a record for me because our accountants are normally asking for my accounts middle of April because I haven't got them finished.  Then completed Tiphanie's tax return for her, she is hoping to get a big enough refund from her pay as you earn to fly home for Easter.  As a full time student she pays half fare but even half is £800 plus return.  I worked out she was due £960 so she will be happy.  Also got the form away to do a telegraphic transfer for the genetic material we are importing from Australia.  We have no internet banking in the Falklands so everything has to be done the long winded way.

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