Saturday, February 12, 2011

A good old moan

Plans were to bring all the sheep in today but we have thick fog which at 10:30 still hasn't lifted.  Christopher is one of little faith and thinks that even on an island I will get lost.  Maybe later.
That is not my moan however.  With no gathering I am left to do some housework.  Now who, and it must have been a man created the VAX 2200 vacuum cleaner!!!.  I can only think it was a man because a woman would have given it a trial run.  Why does the lead come out the side so that the wheel has no option other then to run over it.  Why is the filter situated in the dust container inches away from the dust meaning it is sucked straight up into the filter?   Why is it the heaviest hoover I have ever come across which wouldn't be so bad if it run on its wheels and you didn't have to drag it because the cord is always under the wheel?  Four hooverings is the best you can hope for without cleaning the filter.  I wonder why it has a sticker on it saying do not return to shop, return direct to manufacturer.  The shops would probably be overflowing with them.  Lastly why didn't I listen to my son who said it sounds the same as the one in the house we are renting and it constantly overheats and cuts out.  That's because the filter will be totally blocked!!!!!  Why didn't I look more closely, because I thought VAX was a good brand.   Grrrrr!!!!!!!

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