Friday, February 11, 2011

More pressing and gathering

Finished the pressing for George and Barren Island.  Went to look at the new tussac plantation.  It is looking pretty healthy although some of it has rust.  Checked to see if the Yorkshire fog we planted was still coming up.  Quite disappointed because although some is still coming through some of the earlier growth is now burning off.  In need of rain again.
Luckily noticed water running away from one of the pipes at the shearing shed.  All our water is collected from the roofs of the buildings.  When there is just the two of us we don't struggle but we cant afford for it to be running away.
Chris spent considerable time on the phone again trying to find out what is happening about getting heavy equipment to the islands.  Two years ago we could get 4 wheel drive vehicles landed but just over a year ago the sea truck weight carrying capacity was reduced.  We have now been waiting for over a year to get a 4 wheel drive surf landed at Speedwell Island and a Eager Beaver at Speedwell.  Despite numerous phone calls we are no further ahead today then we were a year ago.  The problem just gets passed  round and round government departments  
In the afternoon we gathered the back of the island into the front ready to bring all the sheep in again tomorrow. 
Finally got a good home for our last puppy.  He is going to be a pet but I'm sure he will get used to a life of pampering.

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