Monday, February 14, 2011

Weighing lambs and the missing genes

Happy Valentines Day to all you romantics out there.  I waited and waited, flowers no (but then it is difficult to get flowers to an island), a box of chocolates, no, a card, no, just a Happy Valentines day dear, no.  Did I really wait expectantly, no.   I realised early in our relationship that the romantic gene was definitely missing, nothing, nada.  Along with the missing romantic gene is the missing tidyness gene.    Luckily there are a  lot of good qualities present to make up for these missing genes.

Tiphanie graduating from Portsmouth university
 After almost a week of trying I  managed to get hold of my daughter in the UK.  She is currently studying for a master degree at uni in a fishy related subject.  Unfortunately we don't have a second form college in the Falklands and to further your education you have no option other then to go away. Tiphanie attended Peter Symonds college in the UK for two years to do A levels, she then went on to Portsmouth university for three years to study Marine Biology she then returned to the Falklands for a year and worked as a fisheries observer on the fishing fleet.  She was then lucky enough to obtain grants to go back to the UK to do her masters degree.
The day has been spent weighing lambs.  We had drafted of approx. 120  lambs  that were not ready for the abattoir. We needed to make a decision about what we were going to do with them.  21 weighed at 25kilos plus which is still light but they will make the abattoir by  the time the boat comes.  Approx 60 went 20 - 25 and we have decided to take them to the reservation on Barren.  This is an awesome piece of land and should have these ready for a later shipment in March.  40 went 17 to 20 kilos which will never make abattoir weight, these we have decided to put in the tussac on George.  Even though these are light a number are fat enough, just late born.  We will slaughter them for ourselves as they get chubbier.   This was a pretty pleasing result as we have no improved land.  In conclusion out of the 997 lambs born on George only 40 of those destined for the abattoir will not make it.

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