Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beautiful day

Spent ages trying to find my own blog and came to the conclusion that it is very difficult.  Posted a question on making it easier and got a good answer back.  Did some more things online to hopefully make it easier.
I am all alone on George Island.  Something I am now used to but it felt very strange the first time.
Chris is away to Barren in the small rib, usually we take the big boat but a beautiful calm day so didn't today.  He is away to gather the Barren ewes and lambs.  I didn't go because we only have one motorbike over there for transport.  He will come back and get me later and we will go over in the big boat and draft of the lambs and fill the shearing shed ready for shearing tomorrow morning.
5,500 tourists in Stanley today of tourist boats.  Glad I'm not in there.  Why do tourists thing that when they are in the Falklands that they rule the roads.  They walk straight across the roads, up the centre of the roads.  Totally bizarre, where else in the world would you do that and not expect to get run over?  We love them really that's why we crawl down the road at 5mph waiting patiently for them to move out of our way.  The locals will be outnumbered 5 to 1 today.

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