Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lonely puppy and sweets

Two puppies flew out on the plane today.  One to his new home as a pet called Ollie and the other to the vet to have her belly button hernia fixed.  We had five bitches and two dogs.  The remaining little dog is very sad and refused to come out of his bed even though he still has 4 sisters to play with. 
Happily though we received our mail, although it was mainly bills.  We also ordered some groceries to come on the plane and some sweets!!!!.  We haven't had any sweets for over a month because we never bring any out with us.  Mainly because we both have a sweet tooth and the self control of a flea  and they all get eaten at once.  A nice treat.
Hanseatic anchored at Barren Island
4,600 tourists in Stanley again today.  We have 3 visits from a tourist ship booked in for 2011/2012.  They come to visit Barren island to see the elephant seals and Sealions also the Gentoo and the thirty three species of bird that this little island hosts.  Some times they also come to George Island where we do shearing displays, dog trialing, short walks and tea/coffee and cakes in the house.  The largest ships we get carry about 100 tourists.  These tourists are normally into the wildlife.  It is a great little sideline but not an income to rely on.

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