Saturday, February 19, 2011

Speedwell Island and gardens

Fuel, part bales of wool, motorbike, tools, 2 pet lambs, 4 dogs and 5 puppies all loaded onto the boat by 8:30 am and away to Speedwell at 8:40am.  Nice day for boating, approximately 15 knots of wind, a few white toppers out there because of the wind direction.  Stayed up on the fore deck for most of the trip but started getting the odd face wash and ended up with two wet feet from sitting with my legs dangling over the bow.  Bought myself a nice LL Bean jacket for on the boat because I prefer to be on deck then inside and was fed up being cold.  It said would keep you warm to -40, well it doesn't.  I guess that is because it is probably a ski jacket and isn't designed to keep the wind out.  It doesn't matter though, I love it and I'm going to keep on wearing it and continue to be cold I guess.  Retired to the wheel house for the last 30 minutes.  The battery charging gauge was showing that the boat was charging the batteries too high.  Christopher swapped to the second bank of batteries but couldn't get it to come down even switching everything on.  Found out the gauge was stuck.   Phew, I'm nervous at the best of times.  Arrived at Speedwell  at just before 11:00 am, it is only a stones throw away but it takes nearly half an hour to come up the side of George Island.  Although we are always pretty close to the coast line we have to come out towards Barren Island to clear the reefs running out from George Island. We then have to come out around Anne Island before we can start coming into Speedwell.  A good run though and we had the boat unloaded and out at her moorings by 11:30.
Went straight up to look at the garden.  A nice surprise.  The potatoes are looking really good, still growing.  The swedes, carrots, white turnip, lettuce and beetroot  are still growing but already a decent size.  Some of the cabbages are ready, the peas are full.  Cauliflowers are coming on but they have no heads yet.  On the fruit bushes there are red and green gooseberries.  Happy days.  Its been a great summer.
The garden on George Island

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