Sunday, February 27, 2011

A right pig of a gather and going to Stanley

Left to gather Sand grass at 9 am.  Easy enough gather usually.  Today by the time I got on top of the hill the sheep that Christopher had pushed out of the sand grass were on the run back out along the coast. Couldn't catch them today as I ended up in amongst the Sand Hills.  Put out Elle to see if she would bring them back.  She did catch them and went around them but by then she was out of ear shot so I couldn't get her to bring them back.  Decided better go and face the music and tell Christopher I had lost about 200 sheep.   Wasn't so bad, he didn't really say anything, just went and got them back.  A bit mellow now the pressure of work is of.  Drafted of the culls down at the Phillips Point pen.  Counted the remaining flock which consisted of  575 under the age of 7.  Will also need to make this flock up with 25 cast but well pleased with that.  Drove the cull ewes up and put them in the top Twin ponds ready to go will all the other culls when Concordia Bay comes on the 22/23rd March.  Not such a bad day in the end, back home by 1pm.
One of Elle's puppies
Going to Stanley tomorrow. Yippee, Shorties Diner here I come.  

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