Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aggressive little beast, time to lose your ****

Christopher's father on Half way island
A couple of days of random sheep work  sorting the remaining sheep that are around the paddocks and checking what remaining animals are suitable for the next run to the abattoir. 
We have 106 cast ewes that will not make condition for the next abattoir run.  We have spoken to the abattoir and asked if they will take them as mutton over the winter, this they are happy to do.  To get them up to condition for this we will take them to Half way island, this is a tussac island in the Speedwell Harbour.  Tussac grass is an excellent feed, it is full of sugar and the animals will pile on the weight in quite a short period of time.  Christopher shore 35 lambs under 20 kilos, these will be slaughtered today because they will never make  sheep and the probability is that they would die over the winter if we turn them out.  Found one more roughie in the last gather, this will also be shorn today and turned out.
The ponies went out into the South End again.  Christopher brought them home.  I fed them both pony nuts and pony treats.  Curly is so aggressive he bangs his head down  into the container, grabs the side off it, tips it out if he gets the chance and at the same time paws at the ground with his front feet.  Time to call the vet to get the little horror marked I think.
We had to take the carpet up in Tiphanie's room because it was absolutely soaked.  I noticed that the radiator had a slight leak.  It was a secondhand one and didn't have a proper bleed screw so Christopher had put a screw in it.  While we have been busy the leak had got worse and I hadn't noticed.  The carpet was that wet it has been hanging over the clothes line for two days but it is nearly dry now so not to bad.  We have a new radiator coming on the Concordia Bay at the beginning of April, it is also bigger and the correct size for the room taking into account that the house is not double glazed or insulated.

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