Friday, March 11, 2011

George Island and when will I learn

Woke up to the story of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  The world seems to be ploughing through one natural disaster after another.  I have been following it  via a CNN web site.  The pictures of the disaster are truly awful.  I see that the Hawaiian islands have now dropped there tsunami warning.  George Islands highest point is 50 foot so it is easy to understand how vulnerable the Haywain islands are.
Work wise today we got in the small lambs that we are going to run over as yearlings for the abattoir next season.   They are all looking reasonably  good, if a bit small.  Today we gave them all a worm drench and turned them out again.  Also drafted the cull ewes, took of those that will not make abattoir grade.  Some of these will be kept to feed the dogs over the winter. The rest will be killed on farm and disposed of.
Lastly for today we left Speedwell at 3:30pm to come down to George.  A calm, dark, dreary day.  As I went out through the back door I noticed a pair of gloves on the floor that mum had given me.  I thought shall I take them I think its going to be a bit cool today, nah.  Drove the vehicle down to the jetty with our bags, got out, saw a nice hat behind the seat.  Thought shall I take it, nah.  Got on the boat, put on a life jacket and went up on the fore deck as usual.  Conscious decision to put the life jacket on as they have polystyrene in them and help keep the sea breeze out.  I knew it was going to be cool but I much prefer to be out then in, it has to be pretty cold or rough for me to move inside.  Well it was cool, despite a t-shirt, body warmer, minus 20 degrees LL Bean coat and life jacket my top half was just about warm enough.  If I hadn't forgotten to put a jumper on it would have been alright. My legs were freezing in a pair of jog pants as was my hands and head without their gloves and hat.  Never mind the feet which don't even possess anything that would keep them warm.  Christopher and  I are truly two opposites.  He is always dressed for every eventuality, not me.  Maybe I will learn one day.  A pleasant trip though, two small pods of whale were also coming through Eagle passage but we didn't get close to them.
A view of the back of the George Island house

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