Friday, March 4, 2011

Time to go home

Starting to get bored now.  Most of the things I wanted to do in Stanley are now done, time to go home.  Apart from going to the bank to pay for the crabbing equipment I didn't have much to do.
Christopher collected the stainless steel units and loaded them onto his fathers trailer ready for Bruce to do a run to Flores Harbour with them tomorrow.
Received a quote today for five double glazed windows for George Island.  Just over £800.00 landed in Stanley.  It appears to be a decent quote as they are decent sized windows.  This will then mean the house is totally double glazed apart from the bathroom and three small windows for the passage, pantry and toilet.
Another day of wall to wall sunshine with no rain.  It was even too hot for browsing in the shops.
Christopher playing football with the dogs on George Island
Shaun and Tanya arrived back from sports week at Port Howard on west Falklands.  It was a good week I think.

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