Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ready to go

Shopping done for George island.  Quite organised, I had made a list of groceries needed.  Also shopped for Speedwell, 1 bottle of cooking oil and oven cleaner, didn't have a list and couldn't think of anything else we needed.
Christopher had his meeting about sand blasting his boat.  He said it was really handy and gives him more idea about how to do the job and what parts need blasting.  Also got the paint he needs for Theo.
We then went to the Seaman's Mission for a light lunch.  After a misty, damp start to the day it turned into a scorcher yet again.
Took Toilet Roll puppy down to FIGAS to go on the plane to Hill Cove on West Falkland to her new owner.  She was a right sweetie.  I will miss her.
The rest of the day has been spent packing up and getting ready to go back to Speedwell.  Reasonably early start in the morning.  We need to be away by 7am as there is wind around which is moving in closer as the day goes on.  We are also towing a large aluminium dingy with us so will be a bit slower then usual.
Shaun is staying in town for the moment and is going to start working for us de-nailing wood from the house that Christopher and Shaun pulled down over the winter.  The house was put out to tender for people to pull down and the person who got the contract also got to keep all the materials.  Christopher decided to tender to pull it down for nothing as it had a massive amount of good wood, double glazed windows, PVC cladding etc.  It took him and Shaun 8 weeks to pull it down as they wanted to retain all the good materials.  It was a two story double house.  He then had to pay for someone to go in and take out the foundations but it was well worth it.  We now have four containers of wood etc which is already ear marked for many jobs.  Most of the wood is already de-nailed.
Christopher and Shaun dismantling the two storey, double house

A stevedore working on transshipping squid (poor picture quality because of the frost in the sub zero conditions).
Shaun and Christopher usually do stevedoring in March.  This is transshipping squid from trawlers onto factory ships.  It is very well paid but a dangerous job.  Christopher has decided not to do it this season because he is too busy but Shaun is going to stay in Stanley to do it.  When he is not stevedoring he will continue de-nailing the wood from the house.

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