Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Disturbing and a little perturbing (and no I'm sure I didn't sign up to a singles site)

Well what can I say.  Christopher was checking the e-mails today.  There was two from a site called Badoo.  He said to me you have two e-mails from Badoo.  I said oh just delete them they are a site that I signed up to to get smilie faces etc to put on e-mails.  He said there are two messages on it.   I said oh well leave them so I can have a look.  A bit horrified to find that some how or other I had signed up to a singles site and they were messages from men.  Even more disturbing is some are in the Falklands!!!!!!  Luckily there was no information other then my gender and age but there was photos of me which are ones I have on facebook.  I really dont know how I done it and I definately didnt do it intentionally.  Badoo account now deleted!!!!!!  No more smilie faces for me.  Weirdly funny really.

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