Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sheep away

Christopher was up at 2:00am  this morning checking on the lambs in the shearing shed.  They had to be put in the shearing shed over night to dry because they can not travel when they are wet.  This was a worry because sheep are more likely to get down when they are wet.  As it happens the lambs are all strong and were fine and none of them had went down.
The sea truck at the jetty ready to load lambs with Concordia Bay and Theo in the background.
 I got up at 5:50am and went down to the pens to help get the sheep ready.  We were all ready by 6:30 am and came home for coffee.  The Concordia Bay had moved in close and was ready to start loading by 7:00am and the sea truck was at the jetty for the first load of lambs at 7:15am.  Loading went extremely well and 527 lambs and 108 cast ewes were loaded via sea truck onto the Concordia Bay in two and three quarter hours.  We have now supplied over 2,000 animals to the abattoir this season and have approx 250 left to go at the beginning of April.
In the afternoon Christopher went and straggle gathered the South end.  He found 22 lambs and 8 shearlings that we had missed.  These were added to the tally for the camp and then the lambs and shearling ewes  were turned back into the camp for the winter.  I spent the afternoon washing wet and muddy clothes from the previous two days.  

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