Monday, March 7, 2011

Back on Speedwell

The track from Flores Harbour to the road at North Arm
Left Stanley early at 5:50am, still dark at 6:00am now.  Another beautiful sunny day but summer is coming to a close.  Had a really good run out despite towing a trailer with a dinghy on it.  We met Emma at the turn of to North Arm to give her Stevie's puppy.  Only the two left now, ours which we are continuing to call Heart and Shaun and Tanya's Belly Button puppy who is now re-named Bex.  We didn't bring the spare dinghy over today.  Another lovely day for coming across on the boat and I was able to stay up on the foredeck again.  If it is nice I usually go up there because the dogs can't get up on to it.  Neither puppy was sick today so that was nice.  Arrived back at Speedwell at 11:30am.
After a quick lunch we went up to the garden for a look.  Dozens of cabbages all ready for cutting.  Will cut some and take them down to George Island when we go down on Friday.  I will then blanch and freeze them.  Such a shame that they all come on at once.  Also dug a couple of roots of potatoes.  Two plots are looking really good but the Robins are burrowing in under the soil and some of the biggest potatoes are pretty much hollowed out.
Christopher then finished a bale of wool that he had started before we went to town.  Apparently it is impossible to press wool with two nine week old pups.  I probably could have told him that if he had asked.  The rest of the day was pretty relaxing.  Tomorrow we will continue with the pressing, there is probably  another twelve bales to press.  Not much else planned for up here this time. 
We have to be down at George Island by Friday for a airstrip fire visit on Saturday.  On Saturday the Islander aircraft will come in with a fire officer.   The tow along fire appliance will then be set off and then refilled.  It is a chance for the airstrip operators in this case Christopher and I to practise using the appliance. 
Nor West Arm (originally what was called an outside shepherds House).  Most outside houses are now un-inhabited like this one.
We then have Concordia Bay coming on the 14th to pick up lambs from George Island.  Another couple of busy days coming up.

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