Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gorse thorns and miniature ponies

Humbug and Curly Wurly
Christopher spent part of the day pressing wool again.  Still about 5 bales left to do.  It looks like we will have 3 ton more this year then last despite shearing 86 sheep less.  Happy days.  Record wool prices means its going to be another good year.
I took pony nuts out to Curly Wurly and Humbug again.  They were my Christmas present this year from Christopher.  They are both a year old.  As you can see Humbug is a real miniature.  Both animals are pure bred miniatures but Curly is a fair bit bigger.  Patted both of them again but still couldn't actually catch them, maybe tomorrow.  They have had very little handling to date and are both nervous.  Humbug is not much bigger then a large sheep.
Spent the afternoon weeding in the garden.  Concentrated on the cabbage and Cauliflower patch today.  The garden is full of gorse thorns from when Christopher cut the gorse hedges back.  The hedges make the garden lovely and sheltered but the thorns are so hard on your fingers.

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