Monday, March 21, 2011

Black Gold, 3 gathers and 3 lots of drafting

Another exciting day for those in the Falklands who are following the oil exploration.  Rockhopper Exploration announced that their latest drill had found commercial oil.  Christopher got up at 4:30am for the opening of the stock market and because it was rumoured that Rockhopper would announce the results of their current drilling programme.  The announcement was made before the stock market opened and he was very tempted to buy and then sell when the market rose reacting to the results.  I wish he had.  As it is we have a small quantity of Rockhopper shares and a fairly large amount of Desire Petroleum shares.  The Desire shares also rose of the back of the Rockhopper results but we have decided to hold them because surely Desire will also strike at some point.
The rare and endangered Striated Cara Cara (Johnny Rook) today at the pens at Phillips Point there were 8 of them.  Not as rare as people may think!!!
Its been a busy  day on Speedwell today.  We gathered the Sandgrass to make sure the stock was correct, annoyingly there are 39 ewes missing.  This meant we then had to gather Phillips Point, they were not in there, it still had 600 ewes.  We then gathered Twin ponds and brought them home to the settlement to draft.  They were not there so it would seem we missed them in the Sandgrass.  This is not difficult because of all the sand hills that  they can get in amongst. 
Sometimes we have problems with ewes moving camps because all our fence lines  go down the beach and it is hard keeping them sheep proof because the heavy seas  wreak havoc with them.   This is the  reason that we can't be sure that we have just missed them. We have two more gathers tomorrow but if they  don't turn up in one of those camps then we will have to get the Sandgrass in again.

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