Monday, March 28, 2011

Whats that anchored in the harbour?!!!!!

Christopher got up at 6am to find a ship anchored in the harbour.  Luckily it was just starting to get light and you could see what was probably the bow ramp of the Concordia Bay.  It makes you nervous when you have an unexpected, unidentified ship anchored in the harbour at night.  Today it was the Concordia Bay over nighting in the harbour on its way to Stanley.
The potato plot on George Island
Nothing special on today.  Christopher went and gathered the Sand grass and counted the ewes, the 42 missing ewes were not there.  It is a bit of a mystery where they have gone, beginning to think we must have mis-counted when we did the original count.
I washed Tiphanie's room out again ready for the carpet to go down again after the new radiator is put in.  Also blanched a few cabbages for the deep freeze.  Christopher pulled about another ten cabbages which we are going to try and preserve by hanging them in a dark, cool shed.  They are supposed to last about four months.  We have at least 40 cabbages which are all ready to be cut, if I freeze them all we will have nothing in the deep freeze apart from cabbage.

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  1. What other crops grow in the Falklands? Do you have Rhubarb, Apples,Raspberries and Strawberries? They're all considered quite hardy in Britain.