Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stanley and Sealion Island

Five days since my last blog.  Stayed in Stanley until Friday.  Unfortunately the ram sale was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances so it was a bit of  a wasted trip.  Christopher took the opportunity to pack some of the double glazed windows that we saved from the house that Shaun and him demolished.  I found I was a bit bored so went to work for a day and a half.  Spent my time in our biggest shop in Stanley, the West Store helping to prepare for stock taking.  I often work there in the winter for a few months and they are good enough to employ me for a few days at a time if they are short staffed.  The West Store is a fairly large complex which includes a groceries outlet, an electrical department, home living which has all your furniture and soft furnishings, in the same building is a toy shop and attached is a home builder with all your building supplies. There is also a large gift shop, a stationary department and the latest addition is a Peacock's merchandise.  This time I worked in the stationary stockroom.  Usually if I work in the West Store I would work in the grocery department shelf filling and till operating but this winter I have secured a job involving stock control.  I am looking forward to it and will probably start work mid to end of April until end of August.  The money I make I will use to take Christopher and I to Punta Arenas in Chile for a weeks break before the start of the next season.  While we are there we are going to pay for Christopher to have his back scanned as he suffers from a severe bad back from time to time.  I don't expect they will find anything wrong with it, he is constantly straining it lifting things that are too heavy.
On Friday I went to Sea Lion Island with my niece Chelsea.  My mum won a weekend for two on the island.  Sea Lion Island boasts a lodge and is considered by many to be the premier destination in the Falklands.  We had a lovely weekend.  Apart from Rockhopper penguins it has all the same wildlife as our group of islands.  The lodge was lovely  and all meals were included.  Jenny the manager also loaned us the landrover so I was able to drive us around.  It was a super weekend and the hospitality was superb.
Chelsea in the rushes

Rockhopper penguins

Memorial to HMS Sheffield, sunk of Sea Lion Island during the Falklands war in 1982
Today I flew back to Speedwell and Chelsea flew back to Stanley.  I spent the afternoon in the garden picking up potatoes for Christopher.  Also had both ponies in the yard, today I was able to brush Humbug, still couldn't get a halter on but it wont be long.

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