Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lambs onto Concordia Bay and back to Stanley

Didnt manage a blog yesterday, too busy and too tired by the time we got to Stanley.
Up by 6am to put the 7 remaining bales of wool out on the jetty.  Concordia Bay was due to arrive to start work at 9am.  Filled the shearing shed, put the cast ewes in first so that they would be last to go on the boat.  Then filled the remainder of the shed with lambs.  They wouldn't all fit in so some had to be left in the outside shearing shed pens. Saw the boat coming around the end of George Island at 7am.  Concordia Bay was actually early and we started loading the bales at 8:30am.  The first load of lambs left the jetty at 9am.  My job was to count them out of the shed 30 at a time and start taking them down the jetty.  This meant that Christopher always had 30 in a pen on the end of the jetty in the pen and I always had 30 on the jetty ready for him to collect.  Our jetty is 117 metres long so it is just as well lambs go down the jetty well. They are then loaded onto a sea truck 30 at a time and transferred to the boat.  Yesterday she was in good and close and we could only just keep up.  The last load which was cast ewes left the jetty at 11:45.  The ewes are very difficult to get down the jetty as they are scared of water, luckily the lambs dont seem to notice.  A very pleasing day with 548 lambs and 78 cast ewes now at the abattoir.
Concordia Bay
Made a decision to come to Stanley after the boat if the day was suitable.  Christopher has a vehicle he wants to look at.  We also have the chance of buying a couple of pure Pol Dorset rams for Barren Island so we want to go and look at them.  Then on Thursday there is a ram sale.  This year we are hoping to buy some Dohne rams for George Island.  We eventually left at 2:20 pm, we were planning to leave earlier but there was too big a swell.  We called into the Galley Cafe at Goose Green on the way as we hadn't eaten apart from toast for breakfast.  Had a lovely all day breakfast.  Arrived in Stanley just after 8pm.

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