Saturday, March 5, 2011

But which one????!!!!!!!

More and more and more sunshine.  Unbelievable weather.  It is just like being in the UK in the middle of summer.  No wind, just hot, hot, hot.  We have now been in Stanley 5 days and we haven't had the heating on once.  All the windows are open and its too hot to sleep at night.
Shaun and Tanya made their final decision about which of Elles puppies they want to keep.  After a lot of chopping and changing they have decided on Belly Button.  Soon to be re-named.  This is the little bitch that was born with a belly button hernia.   I have now been given the job of picking our one because after much uming and ahhing Christopher cant decided.  They are all showing promise but even so it is a hard decision.
Heart (soon to be re-named)
Christopher spent the morning helping Shaun to fix the back door on his Surf.  He also went down to my mothers and cut back some trees and flax for her and mended the garage door that had come open in a gale and got severely damaged.  I cooked a roast lunch because I am starting to get fed up with take-aways and fast food.   Mum came up for dinner then we went around the shops for the last time before we go back out to camp.  Bought Tiphanie a lovely necklace to send her for her birthday..
Now I am going out to choose the puppy.  Very difficult but chose the puppy I called Heart.  It has longer hair which is slightly brown like its mother.  Lets hope it takes after her.

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