Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Enjoying another day in Stanley

Another big tourist boat in Stanley today.  Driving on the front road is difficult to say the least.  Its amazing the amount of people that will walk across the corners or in the road.  You have to drive assuming that someone is going to walk out in front of you.  Tourism has been great for the economy so a bit of inconvenience is not a great price to pay.  Then a local drove out across a corner on me when I was coming up the hill to come home.  That's the quickest I have had to use my brakes for a while.
My nephew Macaulay with the mullet he caught on George Island
Christopher has continued working on his outboard motor.  I took my mum and my niece Chelsea out this afternoon.  I had to go and buy another set of ink cartridges because I got the wrong ones yesterday.  Christopher opened them before he realised they were the wrong ones so that was a waste of £36.00.  Also took a heap of bedding to the charity shop and dropped my 2010 accounts of at the accountants.  Then we went to the Seaman's mission for tea.  All and all a good day.   Nice to be having a couple of relaxing days.

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